Saturday, October 18, 2008

(so the BU Wildcat football team won 45-9 over Evangel University .. what SONNN !?!?)

--lol, everyone's spirits is always up when we have a home victory, so of course another party at the Delt house tonight .. which if u forgot the motto is -->
"WIN OR LOSE, EITHER WAY WE BOOZE" ('we' as in those who choose to = NOT ME!)
--anyways, me && my brother martin had to come stuntin' like its a habit (get like us!) what can we SAY! haha .. but just some flicks from the party ..
--oh yes, and next weekend, its goin DOWN! lol .. BU JAMBOREE @ Ottawa University .. we goin 3-0 in that tournament, no exceptions, no excuses, no losses !! digg that.. but ENJOY!
--for those that dont know, the dude in the purple && teal is my "big brother" martin, we went to high skoo together!



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  1. Mikeman said...
    Oh What!? That's a great tradition (the party after every home game not the drinking) but yeah seemed like u had fun. And I forget u there w/ Martin. He definetly got big! But yea glad u great time partying!

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