Sunday, October 19, 2008


(okay, think of ur most embarrassing moment .. now what i experienced today was probably like that, only 10x WORSE!!!)
--so idk how else to explain what happened .. but i will try my best and let my buddy Spongebob give you a hint :/

--so i'm riding the back of one of these (gators)---> Photobucket
--and apparently i think i can squat while riding in the back and not sit down fully .. well, turns out .. (NEWS FLASH) .. that i CANT!!! so i end up fallin head first, being dragged a couple yards on the ground, landing on my bad shoulder, and as i come down, my back pocket buckle or somethin clips a hook on the truck and as i'm being dragged, my jeans begin to tear slowly BUT SURELY until i have a complete and FULL BLOWN tear right thru the center of my pants down to about my knees ..
--now if u cant picture that, idk how else to tell u!!! but it was COMPLETE embarrassment ppl! u have nooooooo idea how freakin embarrassed i was!!! the festival was still going on, it was basically BROAD DAYLIGHT, and i was in the main intersection of where many festivities were taking place, so who knows how many ppl got a glimpse of my backside!!!
--yes, sorry to say, i was wearing a THONG (of all days right!?!) so it was basically my bare derriere' showin to the world, ugggh .. i would've worn my granny panties had i known this would happen! lol .. besides, it was LAUNDRY day, i only had thongs left!
--so i was with my teammates when it happened, and naturally they ALL laughed .. i mean of course they tried to muzzle it, but it was obvious they were DYIN!!! my coach was the only one that kept a serious face, she didnt laugh about it at all, more concerned that i landed on my bad shoulder and would have to start the rehabbing process all over again (so shoutout to Coach DECKER! u rock =] ) but yea, thank God practice is cancelled tomorrow .. i dont think i'll EVER hear the end of this!!
--there are three ways i could've reacted to this situation at the very moment it happened, and it was actually a combination of all 3 that got me through it (so far)
1.) MAD- i was thinking to myself like WTF!? my own teammates!!?!? laughing at me??? man EFF them then!! i wont talk to any of them for the next week!! i dont care!! i got 70 somethin ppl starin at me and ya'll join in and laugh ?!? (so i flip them all off as i drive off)
2.) CRUSHED- yo, i just made a DAMN fool of myself in front of who knows how many ppl !? i will be the LAUGHING stock on campus tomorrow, i'm soooo embarrassed!! (so i start to tear up, but the tears dont quite make it down my cheeks, and my pride conquers them)
smili.. Pictures, Images and Photos
3.) GIGGLY- mann, FCK iT!!!!!!!! lol .. life is LIFE !!! sh*t happens GLO!!! why are u stressin it !?! yeah, some ppl got a free show && you usually charge for exposure like this (J/K!!!) lol .. and just empathizing and putting my feet in some1 else's [teammate's] shoes, i know i would be weak as HELL had that have happened to one of them.. so i really couldn't be mad at them. but i mean heyyy, u gotta laugh stuff off sometimes, and i'm already a goofy muthafcka, so who cares!?!
(and this is my current state of mind)

--however i'm still devastated about one of my favorite pair of jeans (only about 4 months old at that!) like Danity Kane, they are "DAMAGED", and for good!


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...until next time...


  1. Mikeman said...
    LMAO like hardcore. Like u have no idea how bad I'm laughing at u right now! Oh boy... I so just suffer a MASSICE LAUGH ATTACK! Like om coughing now haha

    But yeah that's pretty rough! I definetly would of took the laughing at myself route from embarassment! Cuz I always laugh at myself when embarassed. But mines had never been broascasted on like primetime news like your was lol! But man and especially for a girl! & then everyone saw your ass (literally!) Wowzers! Well take it as a Kansas experience and as u already know "Expect the ridicule and know you'll NEVER EVER live this moment down."

    Your teammates u can't really blame em. Even as your friend I would been to crippled from laughing to help. And if u were a viewer you'd the same.

    Oh! This is just the greatest story ever! Wish I could of been there. Love ya lots tho :)
    Mikeman said...
    Oh yeah! That Spongebob graphic was a dead giveaway! I love it I cracked up when I saw it. And the RIPPED PANTS were the icing on the cake! They MADE the blog!

    LOL best blog ever!
    KILLUH B said...
    LMAO IM FUCKING WEEEEAAAAKKKK; like damn damn damn damn i cant believe that shit happend...
    but its funny as fuck cuz i can picture that shit....
    im sorrry glo but damn....
    Anonymous said...
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    And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

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