Thursday, October 2, 2008


I try to hang in there, but i can only go so far,
It's like tryna buy gas, when u aint got no car,
Pointless right? You'd be wastin yo bread,
For a lack of better words, my body is DEAD,
i'm TIRED yall, i can no longer function,
If i think any harder, i'm due for brain corruption,
Only 4 hrs a night, i lay my head on my sheet,
Get up, go to work, practice, then eat,
Not to mention my classes, throw that in the mix too,
While jugglin' the many other things I need to do,
I know life aint easy, but do it gotta be this hard??
I refuse to show my weakness or let down my guard,
I'm still tryna push, but got no ammunition,
Don't know if i'd still be here, if it wasn't for paid tuition,
I'm wonderin where the hell i stashed away my ambition,
These are the times I take pride in being a Christian,
Without God on my side, who knows where I'd be,
It's like telling a blind man he has no choice but to see,
I feel like I'm being pushed in the same exact spot,
This college gig aint all fun && games like i thought,
Wish my life was a paper, so i could take the pain and rip it,
I've had enough, I've already been pushed BEYOND MY LIMIT!

[and it AINT the business right now]



  1. Michael A Bowens said...
    Yeah I feel ya on this poem. Tho mine would be tailored a bit for my situation. College aka further schooling is no joke, getting the moeny to do so isn't any easier. I have way too much to do to fit in just 24 hrs from homework, studying, soon working, applying for scholarships all just to continue my education, [not to forget about sleep which really is forgotten].

    Life is no walk in the park. But as Christians, we can do it because God never gives us more than we can bear and in the Spiderman movie, "those with great powers have great responsibility..." or something like either u can endure it as painful as it is and believe me I know!
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