Tuesday, January 20, 2009


For those that missed the monumental inauguration ceremony:

I couldn't be happier right now. Yes, every other blog will mention something about our new President today, but WHY NOT??? This historical day NEEDS to be documented and remembered. I watched his speech at the union of my school (we held a lil gathering for the inauguration w/ pizza & popcorn) and i balled throughout the whole thang.. I couldn't help it. There are those that force themselves to cry for whatever reason, but my tears were genuine and they flowed for our ancestors and those that sacrificed for the future generations so that we could live a better life.


  1. ~*Jazzy*~ said...
    yes very nice :).. i actually cried myself just thanking God because he's gave us someone that we can all believe in.. but the best part that the broadcasters said was how if it wasn't for the past and the strive we had to work for, obama's mother and father would have not been able to marry meaning we wouldn't have OBAMA!!!!
    and i was also happy to know that i was part of his election.. it is an amazing experience
    Mikeman said...
    momentous indeed
    hes done more than he'll ever know for the ppl (more so black - tho not trynna throw race in the mix) than he'll ever KNOW

    i knew hed win since he ran
    Mista Jaycee said...
    Still can't believe it! President Obama! Go Raiders!
    Taylorgotbeats said...
    I loved the ceremony, I got that forwarded message too made me happy
    riva. said...
    thats a DOPE text.
    sad i didn't get it.



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