Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Now as you can see, there are SEVERAL ways to rock scarves and keffiyehs, and although patterns vary extensively, they (ppl) all have their own stylish and bangin way to rock 'em.. Now scarves was 'in' wayyy back in the day .. and it's funny cuz ppl say 'history repeats itself' in a cliche matter, but folks, it REALLY does! i'm waiting for it do die out again so i can bring it back ;^)

Not gonna lie, i got a sh*t load of 'em not too long ago, and I was rockin' em hard for a minute, but after seeing it on others EVERYWHERE i went, i had to leave it alone ..
And living in the midwest where its naturally cold, we already wear scarves out here (not just for fashion)

P.S. Ya'll remember when THROWBACK JERSEYS was in ?!? lmao .. EVERY negro had one! ugggh, that ish was annoyin! (Alluding to the Tyler Perry film "Daddy's Little Girl" and u know what scene I'm talkin bout .. lmao)

Which celebrity in the picture above
do you think is rockin' their scarf the best?



  1. G-M0N3Y said...
    Beyonce is raisin' her hand as if she is sayin 'I AM!!!' ...sasha fierce! lmao .. get it? lol .. lemme stop ..

    but yeah, i think Bey rockin it the best :)
    Anonymous said...
    omg. i LOVE scarves! i have so many of them that idk what to do with them all lol. but rihanna and jessica alba are both rockin them well. idl how the other ones look lol. i hate wearing my scarves like that!
    Mikeman said...
    I F'N love em!
    & yes "nothings new under the sun" [U know Turnbaugh would kill us using cliches]
    & yeah theyres a couple bajillion ways of doin' them...just find you and make it your own...

    oh and poor glo
    bought all of them adn then having to drop it like a bad habit! lol

    Anyways I like Rihanna;s the best.
    Anonymous said...


    el, the high low life. said...
    i absolutely love scarves.

    despite how many people wear them on a daily basis, i feel everyone wears it somewhat differently than the next person -- thus showing their individuality through something that is so mass produced.
    Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...
    Scarves are definitely one of my favorite accessories.

    I think Rihanna's is the dopest in that pic, love the colors.
    G-M0N3Y said...
    "el, the high low life" ..you make a valid point.. i like the way u think :)
    Kimberly Michelle said...
    Love this post. Fave is the cheetah, it was rocked wonderfully.
    [$ H A R O N A] said...
    ooh girl dont even talk about throwbacks! remember jersey dresses?! lmao but umm i vote jess biel that cheetah is killin!
    G-M0N3Y said...
    lmao! ohhh wow! u had to put me on blast like that?! i STILL have a jersey dress in my wardrobe! hahah .. smh .. damn. lol
    Anonymous said...
    i say J Biel, the leopard/cheetah is cute! and she's actually wearing a jacket. I hate seeing scarves and t-shirts, it makes no sense.
    Anonymous said...
    Much as i hate to say it Bey that color is magnificent

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