Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson

On this beloved day, the late, great Michael Jackson would've turn 51 years old. As you all may have heard by now.. his death is now being ruled a homicide with high levels of Acute Propofol intoxication given to him by personal doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, who on top of that waited 81 whole minutes after Michael stopped breathing before calling 911. Autopsy's are a female dog, they will expose everything! Smh.. anyways #shoutsout shout out to BET for dedicating this whole day to Michael with his favorite video countdown, documentary specials, and the BS BET dedication awards from June. Gotta love Google for always keeping it funky & fresh with their updated logos. From all of us to you Mike, Happy B-day. I leave you with one of my all-time faves:


  1. Anonymous said...
    My ish!!!
    xxxx said...
    he and i share the same birthday.. love him
    Mikeman said...
    like ive tweeted, said, texted "JUNE 09 made 09 the worse year ever"
    MJ's death was bad as it was but it caused to much controversy its not even funny. Like beating a dead horse that already dead... redundent much? thats my point let him RIP not in pieces

    but dang Google sho does keep it fresh
    Happy Bday MJ
    U still live in our hearts & ipods

    I love your posts... incredible steez. 100% Glo

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